Lab Members

Graduate Students


Tara Bishop
• Ph.D. 2014-present
• Research interests: Desert community ecology and invasions



UntitledJordan Maxwell
• Ph.D. 2014-present
• Research interests: Forest disturbance effects on hydrology



Aaron RhodesAaron Rhodes
• Ph.D. 2012-present
• Research interests: Herbivory and plant defense against wildlife

• Website:


robert-colemanRob Coleman
• Ph.D. 2012-present
• Research interests: Climate change impacts on weed invasions


Andrew LybbertAndrew Lybbert
• M.S. 2012 – 2014
• Thesis: Wildfire effects on plant pollination and reproduction in desert environments



Rory Oconner closeRory O’Connor
• M.S. 2012 – 2014
• Thesis: Biotic resistance to plant invasions in arid ecosystems



Ho Yi Wan

Ho Yi Wan

• M.S. August 2012-2014
• Thesis: Fire severity and size alter aspen  defense against herbivores


Kevin HornKevin Horn
• Ph.D. 2008 – 2013
• Dissertation: Factors underlying invasive grass fire regimes in the Mojave Desert and its consequences on plant and animal communities


Josh BuckJosh Buck

• M.S. 2010-2012
• Thesis: Plant-soil feedbacks and subalpine fir facilitation in aspen-conifer forests


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Eric Smith
• M.S. 2009-2010
• Thesis: Developmental influences on plant functional traits



John CalderJohn Calder
• M.S. 2007-2009
• Thesis: Ecophysiological mechanisms underlying aspen-conifer succession



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